Turtle Hatching Sri Lanka

Olive Ridley Turtle, this is the most common of the turtle species visiting Sri Lankan shores. Olive Ridley turtles sometimes appear in large numbers. The peak nesting period in Sri Lanka is between September and November. The Olive Ridley Turtle is the smallest of all the marine turtles. It has a round olive coloured carapace devoid of any markings but with a serrated edge. The Olive Ridley is omnivorous, eating crustaceans, small fish and occasionally marine vegetation. Olive Ridley which reaches a length of 80 cm and commonly weighs about 50kg.

Oilve Ridley turtles nest in huge congregations known as arribada’s. In Orissa in North East India about 600,000 females nest on one beach on a few consecutive nights each year. Turtle hatching in Sri Lanka is indeed an experience that cannot be missed.

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