Sri Lanka Travel

Why Visit Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lanka a country of 4000 years civilization
  • Amazing landscape with many choices for pre and post Tours
  • Remarkable diversity of cultures, customs and languages
  • Year-round Tropical climatic conditions
  • Diverse experiences combined in one destination
  • Wide variety of Western, Eastern & Scrumptious
  • Friendly people
  • Cost effective destination


  • In the emerald-green waters of the Indian Ocean, the island country of Sri Lanka was first populated by the Sinhalese peoples from northern India.
  • As the European influences spread throughout southern Asia in the 16th century, it was eventually occupied by the Portuguese, and later, the Dutch in the 17th century.
  • Then, in 1796, it was ceded to Britain by the Netherlands, becoming a crown colony in 1802.
  • Long known as Ceylon, and as a popular port-of-call, it declared independence in 1948, subsequently changing its name to Sri Lanka in 1972.


Country Overview


The island of Sri Lanka covers a total area of 65,610 square kilometers (25,332 sq. miles). From north to south it is 430 kilometers (267 miles) and at its widest is 225 kilometers (140 miles). The central and south- central regions are hilly and mountainous, while the rest of the island is mainly flat.


19.5 million (Sinhalese – 74 percent Tamil-18 percent Moor-7 percent, Malay, Burgher and other- 1 percent)


Buddhist – 69.3 percent

Hindu-15.5 percent

Muslim – 7.6 percent

Roman Catholic – 6.8 percent

Protestant-0.7 percent.


 Rupees (LKR) and Cents


 32 degrees Celsius (Mean Maximum) 10 degrees Celsius (Mean Minimum)

Average Annual Rainfall:

 1,948.2 millimeters (76 in)


South – West (May to October) North – East (November to April)


230 – 240 Volts

Credit Cards:

All major credit cards are accepted

Time Zone:

 Sri Lanka is five hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time

Banking Hours:

 Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 3.00pm

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