NKAR intends to sustainably cater towards its stakeholders through its CSR strategy. As a result, the CSR purpose of the brand intends to actively support the sustainability of the environment through realistic measures while developing and actively supporting oversighted communities of Sri Lanka to an extent they could develop livelihoods of their own. The CSR purpose of NKAR is long term and intends to develop lasting relationships with its communities as well as with the environment the brand actively engages with.

There are two main recipients of NKAR’s CSR strategy – the environment (ecosystem) and community. While some initiatives directly cater towards the wellbeing of the ecosystem, others cater to communities which are often oversighted by a regular CSR initiative, yet strategically important towards the steady growth of the industry.




Supporting Local Weavers of Dunagaha

NKAR has selected a remote village in the Negombo District – Dunagaha – which is rural, but renowned for woven items. We take our German groups to this village after their arrival in Sri Lanka in order to offer them an experience around the village and its signature industry. This is coupled with traditional sweetmeats and a cup of Pure Ceylon Tea after which each client is gifted with a traditionally woven shawl – pre purchased in bulks from the same village by NKAR – as a valuable souvenir. The objective of this initiative is to support social wellbeing of villagers, develop the economic sustainability of the industry and village while offering a completely different experience to NKAR’s clients before they start their round tour in Sri Lanka


World Tourism Day Awareness Campaign

NKAR launched an Awareness Campaign marking the World Tourism Day 2017 and the brand involved Trishaw Drivers who were directly in touch with many tourists visiting Sri Lanka. The awareness campaign featured instructions on ‘Why A Tourist Should be Protected’ while an instruction manual was distributed among addressed participants with a confirmation sticker placed on the back of each vehicle as an assurance to a traveling tourist


Eliminating plastic water bottles from round tours

NKAR has taken an initiative to distribute 19L PET bottles (recyclable) and a hand-pump each to the touring buses whereas clients are requested to bring their personal water bottles in order to refill them in the bus accordingly. Using smaller (500ml/1L) bottles are strictly discouraged by local tour leaders and Foreign Tour Operators. As a result, the wastage of plastic during NKAR’s group tours are minimal to nonexistent while the brand has actively maintained elements of the Triple Bottom Line through environmental conservation, social wellbeing (ground level awareness across stakeholders) and economic sustainability (strong cost savings to the organization).

Day Out in the Big City for Kids in Touristic Areas

NKAR has an initiative to support children from touristic areas (often from rural or estate sectors) by providing them an opportunity to visit Colombo – a city many haven’t visited before. This also includes a visit to the beach which is another ‘first’ to many rural/estate children whose parents are mostly the suppliers of NKAR. The objective of this initiative is to offer a unique and memorable opportunity to children of our suppliers to visit the commercial capital of Sri Lanka in an ‘All Paid’ getaway! The initiative is concluded by adding value to the educational journey of these children as NKAR gifts a Sinhala-English dictionary to each child wrapped in NKAR branding so that brand name goes a long way together with the memories of visiting Colombo.

29.11.2018 – 38 school children from grades 10 – 11 of Ginigathhena Vidyalaya, Ginigathhena were selected by their Principal to take part in this initiative supported by 03 teachers

15.03.2019 – A total of 52 school children from grades 7 – 9 of Katuwattewela Primary School, Kuliyapitiya were selected by their Principal to take part in this initiative supported by 04 teachers.