Visit the sacred city of Anuradhapura

A city that dates back 2500 years, Anuradhapura where you find the world’s oldest documented tree Sri Maha Bodhiya.

Excursion is offered with a one night stay in Anuradhapura.

We propose you to leave between 05.00 – 05.30 A.M to experience the dawning of the day, as you reach out to the villages, it is exciting to see the birds flocking around and experience how city roads change gradually to a flat terrain spreading miles ahead as the climate gets warmer. It certainly will be fascinating to observe how the carpeted road stretches between lush green paddy fields.

As the journey begins, you will witness coconut cultivations and while you drive towards Anuradhapura, you will see vast areas of paddy fields. It is really an amazing thing to see how the environment changes from the coastal line to the dry zone through the paddy fields. As your journey deepens into the northern part of the island you will be able to witness exotic birds, Monitor Lizards, grey Buffalos and overly friendly Monkeys.

Thereafter, you will visit the historical City of Anuradhapura. The city of Anuradhapura was made the first capital of Sri Lanka in the 4th century BC, and as the longest-serving capital it has a fantastic heritage in the ancient and modern times and is one of the eight UNESCO heritage sites in Sri Lanka.

Anuradhapura is a mediaeval city located along a riverbank (Malwathu oya) popular for fascinating ancient ruins and deep-rooted Buddhist culture. You will visit the ancient Bo tree – Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi to ancient monasteries and monuments of historical importance. It remains a devout holy city centered round the Sacred Bodhi Tree, believed to be grown from a cutting taken from the original Bodhi tree under which the Lord Buddha gained enlightenment. Sri Maha Bodhiya is the oldest tree known to have been planted by a human rather than by natural seeding is a 2,300-year-old sacred fig or bo-tree (Ficus religiosa)

The ruins of Anuradhapura are one of South Asia’s most evocative sights. The sprawling complex contains a rich collection of archaeological and architectural wonders: enormous dagobas (brick stupas), ancient pools and crumbling temples, built during Anuradhapura’s thousand years of rule over Sri Lanka. Today, several of the sites remain in use as holy places and temples. Isurumuniya, abayagiriya, Ruwanweliseya, Kuttam Pokuna (Twin ponds), Samdhi Budhdha Statue, Thuparamaya are few of the must visit attractions in Anuradhapura.

Once you complete the site tour you can relish a mouth-watering Sri Lankan picnic lunch near the Kaludiya Pokuna(Black water pond).

Kaludiya Pokuna is also one of the famous ponds below Mihintale old monastery and the water would have been used by the monks for fulfilling the water needs. Most experts believe that Kaludiya pokuna may probably be the ancient Porodini Pokuna(Herbal Pond) mentioned in the tablets of king Mahinda IV inscription at Minintalaya. Kalu Diya Pokuna is a beautiful gift to anybody wanting to have a nice relaxing place to relieve the working stress and fatigue of present-day life.

After lunch, you will proceed to Mihintalaya Temple on a mountain peak situated east of Anuradhapura. No matter what your faith is, the beautiful shrines, stupas, rock caves enhanced by the astonishing setting, make Mihintale an unforgettable destination. The sprawling site is environmentally enchanting, spiritually enlightening and culturally significant and has been deeply loved by the Buddhists of Sri Lanka. Believed to be the place for inaugurating the presence of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, today Mihintale is a pilgrimage site with buddha Shrines, abandoned structures and many caves which were believed to be used by monks for meditation.

There is an ancient hospital located at the foot of the temple which enchants all visitors. Many believe this to be the oldest hospital in the world.

Overnight stay at Anuradhapura


After breakfast on your way back visit  Rasvehera buddha statue – a masterpiece of a massive standing Buddha statue, where you will learn the history behind its creation. The statue carved from stone is a colossal statue of Buddha lying close to the famous Awkana statue, but not as known and is called Rasvehera. But the beautiful historical story behind these masterpieces increases the value of these attractions. It is recorded to be 39 feet of height and depicts Abhaya Mudra with the robe clinging to the body, like Awukana statue.

There is a famous legend, that the two statues are the result of a guru-gola competition, “guru” meaning “teacher, master” and “gola” is “pupil”. This story is an explanation why the Aukana statue is perfected, whereas the similar Sasseruwa statue is almost finalized but not completely. So, the story goes: The Guru constructed the Raswehara/Sessaruwa statue, while his Gola made the statue at Awukana. They had agreed that the first one to complete his statue had to notify this to the other by ringing a bell. The rest of the story is more interesting when you are listening at the sight of this astonishing creation. It is up to you to find out this story at the location with your tour leader.

Pick Up Location Pick Up Times
Koggala & Ahangama 05.00 A.M
Hikkaduwa – Galle 05.10 A.M
Wadduwa 05.20 A.M
Negombo 05.30 A.M
Colombo 05.30 A.M


Supplement for 04* / 05* Hotel

Supplement cost – Upgrade Forest Rock Garden Hotel (Vegetarian experience), located in the wild, all on rocks, connected from one living area to another. If lucky find the elephants crossing across below the rocks.


  • Air Conditioned Vehicle (Car)
  • English Speaking Driver
  • Highway Charges
  • All local taxes
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